Drink Aperol Spritz

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Also called Venetian Spritz, the aperol spritz drink is a cocktail originating in Italy, created with prosecco, Italian sparkling wine, aperol and sparkling water.

Very popular on hot summer days and often consumed at happy hours, as, due to its popularity among Italians, it has earned the nickname spritz hour.

Usually served in large wine glasses, this aperol spritz drink is one of the simplest drinks to produce, as we will see below.

In addition, it has ingredients found in everyday life, without any difficulty when buying, since they are cheap and are sold in any supermarket.

However, some care must be taken, as this drink cannot take little ice and these ingredients must be placed well at the bottom of the glasses.

Another important consideration is the necessary use of dry sparkling wine to counterbalance the sweetness found in the Aperol bottle.


  • 3 parts sparkling wine
  • 2 parts of Aperol
  • 1 part sparkling water
  • Ice


  1. Place all the ingredients in a large glass with ice, garnish with an orange slice and serve.
  2. If you want the most bitter drink, don't add the orange.

Additional information

Aperol was created a century ago and the aperol spritz drink has gained notoriety in a market increasingly focused on the gourmetization of beverages.

Nowadays, we see the craft beer market expanding a lot and the aperol spritz drink has become a sensation in recent European summers, as they are often consumed in bars there.

100 years ago, the Barbieri brothers created this aperitif (after all, consuming this drink increases people's appetite) and, to be made, it only needs a fruit-based infusion.

With its orange color and mild alcohol content, its taste is incredible and encourages people to drink more and more of this drink that already has a legion of European fans and is spread all over the world.

So, we cannot fail to try the aperol spritz drink, as this European classic is a trend that has gained popularity in the Brazilian market.

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Spritz is an Italian drink that dates back to the Empire, but its longevity proves how much it is still present on the table of drink lovers around the world.

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