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During parties and events, I usually love to make shots like this drink b52 to share with friends and family. This b52 drink option is always number one when I want to make a shot that makes my get-togethers much more lively and fun for everyone. Always remembering that shots and alcoholic beverages can only be consumed by people over 18 years of age.

For those who like a different flavor in their shot, the b52 drink is perfect, as it combines flavors of alcohol with the delicious taste of caffeine with coffee liqueur and the elegant flavor of cognac. Although it's not a super strong shot, it's still wonderful to take in one go.

If you love shots like the dirnk b52, learn how to make it at home today. Just be following the super simple step-by-step below with ingredients into account for you to prepare a drink that will surprise everyone.



  • 3/4 cup of coffee liqueur
  • 3/4 serving of Baileys
  • 2/4 serving of Cointreau
  • 1/4 shot of cognac


In a shot glass, pour the coffee liqueur. Take a ballerina spoon (or tea spoon) and place it on the downward-facing rim of the glass. Allow the Baileys to drip gently over the spoon, forming a layer on top of the coffee liqueur. In the dispenser, mix the cognac and Cointreau. 

Perform the same procedure as before using the ballerina and thus forming a third layer in the cup. Light the drink with a match. Wait for the fire to go out and drink carefully so you don't burn your lip on the rim of the glass. The drink must be taken in one go!

Additional information

Did you see how this caffeinated and differentiated drink that is drink b52 can be made in an easy and practical way to liven up any meeting or party between friends? With few ingredients, you can do like me and make your day much more fun. Bet on it during colder days, as the caffeine in the coffee liqueur goes well with them.

In addition to being tasty, drink b52 still offers a great level of energy and mood, as the caffeine level is high. Its appearance is also noteworthy and worth mentioning as one of its strongest points, after all, it is a drink made in colorful layers because of its ingredients.

For those who love shots and playing with alcoholic beverages during adult parties, I highly recommend this drink b52 to offer a different flavor to your night. Make and enjoy the b52 drink today and share it with everyone. Now that you've learned how to make this delicious Drink b52, how about getting to know other very tasty and practical recipes that we have here on the blog My Recipes? We have many options for snacks, treats and other delicious delicacies to make your day better.

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