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Spanish drink: who doesn't love a sweet and refreshing drink? Everyone likes from time to time to be able to have a drink that tastes much sweeter and feels much tastier. A good smooth wine, dry or not, and delicious pineapple with other ingredients can create the Spanish drink and show that the bonbon can be even better through this alcoholic mixture.

Many wonder how to make their day better, their event differentiated or their party with new air. Drinks like this drink can be great options for those who want to liven up their day and still fill it with a lot of flavor. After all, this Spanish drink presents a delicious mix of flavors like you've never seen!

The color of this Spanish drink is still one of the strongest points besides its flavor. It can vary between several colors as you can change the ingredients, the soft wine and pineapple give the Spanish drink a soft yellow color, but you can use pineapple fanta and other types of soda to prepare this drink and change the taste and appearance of this drink.



  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 liter of soft wine
  • 1 medium pineapple without the core
  • Ice


Blend everything in a blender and then refrigerate before serving.

Additional information

If you found this recipe easy and saw how it doesn't need many ingredients to prepare it, prepare this drink today at home. Choose to do it during an event, a party, a birthday or other special events like get togethers. In my house, the Spanish drink is made with pineapple fanta, we always change the ingredients with soda or natural juices to change the taste and appearance of the Spanish drink.

This Spanish drink is sure to make your day more lively or your night more fun. Here at home, I've made this drink several times for different get-togethers and it always draws a lot of attention for the practicality and flavor it presents in its preparation, and there's no secret.

So, if you, like me, love a delicious glass of Spanish drink, make the best drink recipe there is today, it manages to conquer everyone with its sweetness.

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