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Flatbread: For you who want to learn Arabic recipes that are breathtaking and surprise your guests, we will provide you with a flatbread recipe that is very easy to make. Arabic recipes are not difficult as people think, there are recipes that can be made in a simpler way, which is the case of flatbread. It had its origin many years ago, the people called Phoenicians started making bread on their pilgrimages where they rode a long time on horseback. 

The loaves were made with as few ingredients as possible, to better transport them and eat them during their long nights. That's why they started making the breads in thin open sfiha shapes and stuffing them with ground meat and onions.

Soon they took on a huge proportion and arriving in the Middle East became part of that culture. Check out below, the flatbread recipe that anyone can make. 

Ingredients for Syrian Bread: 

  • 2 kg of wheat flour
  • 120 g of yeast for bread
  • 4 teaspoons of sugar
  • 4 teaspoons of salt
  • 400 ml of olive oil
  • flour to work the dough
  • oil to grease the dough
  • 100 g of sesame

How to Make Flatbread: 

Place the flour in a large bowl and make a well in the centre. Crumble the yeast inside and sprinkle with the sugar. Divide the salt and oil around the edges of the flour. Water the yeast with 1 liter of warm water. Stir the yeast into the water until it dissolves.

Knead to form a dough. Remove it from the bowl, place it on the sprinkled marble and knead it well with your hands. Cut the dough in half and form a ball with each piece. Place each ball in a flour-dusted bowl and brush with oil. Cover one of the balls and keep it in a warm place and set aside until it has doubled in size (about 25 to 30 minutes). Cover the other ball and keep it in a cool place so it doesn't grow too fast. Place the hot dough ball on a dusted surface and form a roll.

Divide the roll into five equal-sized pieces. Form a ball from each piece; sprinkle lightly with flour, cover and let sit for 6 or 8 minutes. Heat the oven to 250 degrees. Roll three balls of dough into an oval shape: the dough should be as long as the shape and about 1 cm thick. Place them next to each other on the oiled baking sheet. Roll the remaining two balls into a round shape (about 24 cm in diameter) and place one next to the other on a greased baking sheet.

Brush the five balls of dough with water and sprinkle with sesame. Place the pan with the round balls in the fridge. Cover the three ovals and refrigerate for 6 or 8 minutes. Bake in medium oven for 25 minutes. Remove the buns from the pan and place them on a plate. Then put the baking sheet with the two balls in the oven. Repeat the operation with the cold reserved dough. 

Additional Information

What did you think of the Syrian bread recipe? In addition to being very simple to make, there are several types of fillings and side dishes that you can also serve during meals to please your guests even more. 

Some of these side dishes can be made very quickly, which is the case with dry curd, very traditional in the Middle East and you can make it very easily and quickly, as it uses only a few ingredients that you have at home and that with will definitely make a big difference when serving with pita bread. 

In Syrian bread you can also use Brazilian side dishes such as requeijão, butters and even some sauces. 

It is always important that you follow everything that is written in the method of making it, as pita bread is a dough it must be carefully followed and worked on. But, it's not a seven-headed bug, you can see how simple it is to know other cuisines like this.

Now that you've learned how to make this delicious pita bread, how about also knowing other very tasty and practical recipes that we have here on the blog My Recipes? We have many options for snacks, treats and other delicious delicacies to make your day better.

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