Peanut Pave

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Want to learn how to make a recipe for your family lunch to get more special? Then you will like the Peanut Pavé, an incredible dessert that will win over everyone who tastes it.

The recipe is simple and practical and you can make it in a short time: it takes 40 minutes to prepare and yields 12 servings.

Is it pavé or pacumê? This infamous joke has already become a classic at family dinners or Christmas dinner, but that only happened because pavé is a tradition on the Brazilian table and cannot be missed on special occasions.

The origin of pavé is not well known, however, it is known that its name comes from the French “paving”, which means to pave, since the dessert is very similar to pavements in the way it is assembled.

The base of the recipe is made up of cookies like champagne or cornstarch, and some people even use cake batters, which can be soaked in melted chocolate or liqueurs in general.

And the creams used in the other layers can also be of different flavors, like the peanut one that I will teach you here today. The coolest thing about pavé is precisely the fact that it allows you to let your imagination run wild and assemble the dessert as you see fit.

And even for those who have never made a dessert in their lives, need not be intimidated. The following step-by-step guide is very didactic and written so that all types of people can prepare the recipe without any difficulties and obtain a tasty final result.

So, to learn how to make Peanut Pavé, read on!

Ingredients Peanut Pave

  • 1 package of broken cornstarch cookies (200 g)
  • 3 boxes of sour cream
  • 2 cans of condensed milk cooked in the pressure cooker (homemade dulce de leche)
  • 200 g roasted peanuts (can be with skin)

Preparation Peanut Pave

To start the preparation, cook two cans of condensed milk for about 30 minutes in a pressure cooker.

Once cooked, only open the can when it is cold.

Grind the peanuts in the blender, also mixing the broken biscuit. Reserve.

In another container, place the condensed milk with the cream and mix well.

In a container, add the condensed milk with the cream and mix well.

In a transparent refractory, alternate layers of peanut with biscuit and cream, ending up with the peanut and biscuit mixture.

Leave for 3 hours in the fridge and serve.

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