bean tutu

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Bean tutu is a delicious delicacy that is incredibly tasty, quick and easy to make, not to mention that this wonderful recipe is still a great option for lunch or dinner with friends and family. will surely be the subject of several compliments and everyone will be in love with this bean tutu.

I made this bean tutu a few times here at home for meetings with family members and it was always the biggest success here at home, but the first time I made it I confess that I was a little insecure about the final result, but as I made the bean tutu beans I realized that there is no mistake, I just had to follow the whole step by step and everything worked out.

So, if you are looking for a very practical and simple option to prepare and that at the same time is very traditional, popular and delicious, I believe that the tutu of beans will fit like a glove, after all it is a dish that still offers an irresistible taste.

Bean tutu recipe


  • ½ kg of boiled beans
  • ½ cup of cassava or corn flour
  • 500g of bacon
  • 200g of sausage
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 1 onion
  • 1 bunch of chives
  • 2 garlic cloves

How to Prepare

Fry the sausage and bacon separately and set aside. Sauté in the bacon fat with the chopped garlic, onion and chives. Blend the cooked beans with a little broth in a blender. Combine with the sautéed seasoning and let it boil a little. Add the flour, stirring constantly until it becomes a soft mush. Mix with eggs, sausage and crackling.

Benefits of Bean Tutu

You can now prepare a delicious tutu of beans at home to use as an accompaniment in your food, add it to rice or eat by itself. It's super tasty, has an amazing texture and makes it so the whole family can try it for lunch or dinner.

Beans are one of the bases of Brazilian cuisine and one of the most common elements in the dish of any family in Brazil. In addition to being tasty, the beans included in this bean tutu are very important for our health, as they provide us with the following benefits:

  • Contains high levels of iron, helping to fight anemia;
  • Helps to lower blood glucose;
  • It contains different vitamins, minerals and proteins that help our body to function better;
  • Contains high level of energy.

So make this bean tutu at your next meal to make it much more complete and full of benefits that many can't even imagine. If you love good regional food and have always wanted to try this dish, this recipe is the right answer for today.

Now that you've learned how to make this delicious Bean Tutu, how about getting to know other very tasty and practical recipes that we have here on the blog My Recipes? We have many options for snacks, treats and other delicious delicacies to make your day better.

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